Hi, I'm Baxter.

I'm a photographer and visual creator who makes images that are a universal means of connecting people, place and culture. Born, bred and based in eastern North Carolina, I'm most inspired when exploring and striving to understand my coastal heritage and food traditions of home.

I'm also particularly interested in how aesthetics influence our daily experience and our perception of life. I've channeled that expertise into my work as a creative consultant that guides narrative-rooted businesses in effectively and purposefully telling their stories, and am one of the three co-founders of Bit & Grain — a digital documentary project that captures the complex spirit of North Carolina through longform multimedia stories.

From branding images for small businesses and non-profits to long-term collaborations with creatives, my ride or die (the hunk in the cowboy hat) and I hustle to take on a diverse array of projects. 


Hi, I'm Ryan.


I don't usually wear cowboy hats, but when in Nashville...

I'm Baxter's aforementioned ride or die in work and life. I am a content creator, community builder and communications consultant who believes the power of storytelling can transform thought and action. I'm passionate about the intersection of culture, rural economies, environment and food, particularly in eastern North Carolina, and I'm an advocate for responsible and sustainable coastal management and its natural and cultural resources. 

Have an idea for a collaboration? We'd love to hear it.


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