Wedding Photography Intake Form

The Basics
Day-of addresses, etc.
Little Details
Is this a religious wedding?
Pre-ceremony + Ceremony Details
Would the groom like getting ready pictures? (This can be realistically done if the bride and groom are getting ready within 5 minutes of each other.)
Would you like to go the "first look" route?
What photographs would you like taken BEFORE the ceremony. (Only check the ones you would like before the ceremony. This question will be asked again for after the ceremony)
Please check all of the group formals you would like taken AFTER the ceremony.
Please check all of the events that will take place at your reception:
We love your vendors
Your dream wedding is our dream to photograph.
Whew. Almost done! Now all we need is emergency contacts.

Yay! You did it. Thank you so much for all the details. I'll work on getting an ideal schedule together and send to you to make changes. We can't wait to photograph you on your special day.