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Hi, I'm Baxter (also, Bax). I'm a photographer and visual creator who makes images that are a universal means of connecting people, place and culture.

Born, bred and based in eastern North Carolina, I'm most inspired when making photos involving my coastal heritage and food traditions. I'm also particularly interested in and enjoy molding how aesthetics influence our daily experience and I've channeled that expertise into my work as co-founder and visual voice behind Bit & Grain, a digital documentary project that captures the complex spirit of North Carolina through weekly, longform multimedia stories. 

Catch me in April 2017, as I co-teach a weekend class at Duke's Center for Documentary Studies on food photography as a lens to explore place.

Keep up with my everyday stories on Instagram.

From headshots to cookbooks, I love working with new clients on new projects. If you'd like to work with me, start by filling out the form below and I'll be in touch ASAP. 

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Selected Media Coverage

Walter Magazine, August 2016
UNC College of Arts and Sciences, February 2016
The New York Times, September 2015
International Journalist's Network, August 2015
Exit Event, May 2015
Columbia Journalism Review, April 2015

Selected Photography Contributions

The Week, "Durham, NC: A Hotspot that Remains Stubbornly Itself," February 2017
Bit & Grain, "People of the Pines: Matthew Register," January 2017
Bit & Grain, "In Process: Ace Henderson," December 2016
Bit & Grain, "Is a hotdog a sandwich?," October 2016
Bit & Grain, "Savoring the Old, and New, North State," October 2016
Edible Manhattan Cover Photo, September/October 2016
Edible Brooklyn, September 2016
Bit & Grain, "We Can Do Better: the Carolina Food Summit," September 2016, September 2016
Bit & Grain, "At the Stove with Chef Ricky Moore: Shell Island Clams," September 2016
Bit & Grain, "Vivian Howard's Big Announcement," September 2016
Bit & Grain, "At the Stove with Chef Ricky Moore: Fish & Grits," September 2016, August 2016, August 2016
Bit & Grain, "Needle & Ink: Heathen Ways of Overeducated Tattoo Artists," August 2016
Bit & Grain, "At the Stove with Chef Ricky Moore: Oysters," August 2016
Bit & Grain, "At the Stove with Chef Ricky Moore: Seafood Stew," August 2016
Bit & Grain, "Dear Rockingham," August 2016
Bit & Grain, "At the Stove with Chef Ricky Moore: Griddled Fish Collars," August 2016
Bit & Grain, "On the Road to Pittsboro," August 2016
Bit & Grain, "People of the Pines: Ken Humphries," August 2016
Coastal Review Online, May 2016
Coastal Review Online, March 2016
Bit & Grain, "Cook Out Restaurant," March 2016
Bit & Grain, "Professor Toon," February 2016
Bit & Grain, "A Rural History: North Carolina's Poet Laureate," February 2016
Bit & Grain, "At Home with Mipso," February 2016
Bit & Grain, "The Coastal Carolina Anthology: Cultivate," December 2015
Bit & Grain, "Built for the Banjo: Jim Mills," September 2015, August 2015
Bit & Grain, "The Old North Hustle," August 2015
Bit & Grain, "The Coastal Carolina Anthology: Craft," July 2015
Bit & Grain, "Worth Saving: Historical Preservation at Loray Mill," July 2015
Bit & Grain, "A State of Many Colors," July 2015
Bit & Grain, "The Coastal Carolina Anthology: Catch," June 2015
Bit & Garin, "Strawberries: The Queen of Spring," May 2015
Bit & Grain, "The Battle of Bentonville Re-Enactment," April 2015

Selected Written Contributions

Bit & Grain, "The Coastal Carolina Anthology: Weather," October 2015

Selected Clients

ConAgra Brands
Conflicted Pixie Making & Gifting Studio
Core Sound Waterfowl Museum & Heritage Center
Edible Manhattan/Edible Brooklyn
Holland Trull Environments
Jordan Forrister Winston Interiors
Kendall Simmons Interiors
Found Pop-up Boutique
Peppertrain Jewelry
Raleigh Architecture Company
Saltbox Seafood Joint


Djinn Webber, NYC
+1 212 555 1234


Agent d'Artiste
Renée Carrénard, Paris
+33 (0) 55 5555 0678


Nameless Rep
Gordon Fan, Hong Kong
+852 1234 5678




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