digital strategy

General Information
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Contact Person
Brand Overview
i.e. modern, rustic, traditional, quirky, clean, colorful, etc. Please note any relevant color schemes.
Specificity helps. What are the backgrounds and demographic profiles of your target customers? Can you describe their interests, purchasing habits? Where do they live? (And does that matter?)
Competition & Positioning
What is their edge? What is yours?
Social Media Overview
What social media channels do you currently use?
Select all that apply
Which platforms are prioritized? How many times a week are you posting on each platform? What is the nature of social posts?
Which areas do you feel your digital strategy could be doing better?
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i.e. promotions, giveaways, etc.
Goal & Objectives
What are the primary reasons for your company to use social media?
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i.e. promote new book, promote new brick and mortar, grow my social following
Where is the brand headed? What does the future (of your industry) look like, and what role does your brand play in it? What else should be known about your growth plans in the next 3-5 years?