—  Collaborating with a wide cast of characters — from media personalities, to brands big and small, to grassroots organizations

—  Selected commercial clients

Vivian Howard, iContact, Kendall Simmons Interiors, Conflicted Pixie, Peppertrain, Raleigh Architecture Company, ConAgra, Core Sound Museum, KIPP Schools



—  Selected editorial work

Edible Manhattan, Edible Brooklyn, Garden & Gun, Outer Banks Magazine, Our State Magazine, Bit & Grain, Gorging on Life



Selected Publications

—  Work published by year, online and in print


Garden & Gun, June 2017
A Chef's Life, Season 5
Our State Magazine, August 2017
Outer Banks Magazine, 2017
Gorging on Life
Living at the Water Edge, UNC Press, 2017


Edible Manhattan Cover Photo, October 2016
Edible Brooklyn, September 2016, September 2016, August 2016, August 2016, August 2016
Coastal Review Online, May 2016

2015, August 2015