senior portraits: james cahoon

Senior portraits can be awkwardespecially for dudes. Most of us have been there. You're 17, you don't know what to do with your hands, and there's this stranger telling you to sprawl out over the train tracks, cross one leg over the other and prop yourself up with the opposite hand. I did not know I signed up for yoga today. ALSO DO I HEAR A TRAIN??

James' portrait session was the farthest thing form awkward; it's been one of my favorite shoots to date! It was so rewarding to take pictures of James because I've been able to watch him grow up for the better part of a decade into this spectacular, kind and intelligent gentleman. I swear he was still a kid when I last saw him, but after a semester studying in Italy he came back with this renewed sense of confidence that was written all over his face. It was awesome to capture on film. We shot these over Labor Day Weekend in Manteo and Nags Head at The Lost Colony Theater, Manteo High School, Marshes Light (which his talented dad, affectionately @bigkahuna69, designed), Jenette's Pier and Stinson's Ranch. It was a picturesque summer evening and one of the best sunsets all year. 

I can't sing the Cahoons' praises without mentioning Melanie, her crack brownies, and what an exemplary southern hostess she is, or Melissa, who conceptualized my signature into a logo and watermark and delivered 8 different versions within 24 hours of my asking and with whom I have all the fun. As if you needed another reason to be impressed with the Cahoons, Melissa and Big Kahuna just hiked Machu Picchu. I am so happy I get to call these guys my twitter family. Now, if we can just get James to choose UNC next year... 

James Cahoon-15.jpg