#gaycow rehearsal dinner

I think we can all agree weddings are usually a blast - who doesn't love a good party? - everyone is happy, looking fancy and ready to celebrate two people they love while spending time with old and new friends. The open bar has nothing to do with it, really. There are a few times, though, when an entire wedding weekend just feels right. This was the case for Charles' and Michelle's wedding over Memorial Day Weekend in New Bern. 

Michelle and I met briefly when we were in middle school, but it wasn't until we were in high school together that our friendship blossomed over countless reruns of Dawson's Creek. We've remained friends since, despite rarely getting to see each other, and she is without a doubt one of my favorite people on this earth. She is strong, genuine, brilliant and the most excellent tour guide I've ever seen (seriously, the depth of her knowledge is impressive). I'd heard a lot of fuss about Charles when they started dating and when I met him two years ago in New Orleans, it all made sense; he is just as kind, brilliant and genuine as she is, and somehow just as excellent of a tour guide. They got engaged during a hurricane and I can't think of a more perfect way to decide to spend your life with someone than amidst a natural disaster. When Michelle asked me if I would take some pictures during their rehearsal dinner, I was flattered to say the least. I think I responded almost immediately, in all caps, something to the effect of OF COURSE I WILL ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Captain Ratty's provided the most nostalgic venue for the rehearsal dinner dinner and it was a blast. The speeches, the crab cakes, the company - everything was just right to kick off a downtown New Bern wedding for this gorgeous couple. One of my favorite parts of a wedding celebration is getting to hear the speeches and these were no exception. Charles and Michelle were both camp nerds (I say that lovingly) so they had known most of their wedding party since they were kids, which made for some tender, heart-felt stories and one particularly hilarious dramatic reading of a note Charles confiscated from one of his students. The ceremony and reception the following day capped off a gorgeous weekend celebrating these two. 

Michelle, congratulations on finding your Pacey and Charles, thank you for not being a Dawson. I am thrilled to watch y'all build a life together and feel so honored to be included in your celebration. I also have to thank y'all for being my catalyst for making photos again. Let's have another weekend of celebrations together soon!

michelle and charles