miller + rebecca

I feel so grateful to have the love, support and friendship of the lady in these photos that it seems only fitting that this blog begins (again) with her. When she and Miller got engaged in February, I started begging them to be my guinea pigs for some engagement photos. They bought a vintage 1950's ski boat over Easter and soon we - yes, 4 humans and 4 dogs - hit the water at Falls Lake, just north of Raleigh. It was such a beautiful Monday afternoon out on the water; the sun seemed to hug these two as it disappeared behind the hills in the most beautiful way. Despite our minor engine problems and having to paddle our way to shore in the pitch black, it was a day for the books and a Monday I'd repeat every week if I could.

Miller and Rebecca, I can't thank y'all enough for trusting me with these pictures. Onward to more celebrations!