SAFEchild luncheon

My favorite kind of story is that of a struggle which ends in triumph. Or, as one speaker put it Tuesday, the "journey from the dark side of the street to the bright side of the road." I heard three of these stories at the SAFEchild luncheon, each one just as captivating as the next. I won't venture to discredit these incredible narratives filled with despair and hope by telling them here, but I will tell you something I learned: SAFEchild is the light at the end of the tunnel for thousands of families around the Triangle. Their work is simply awesome and I am proud that I was able to donate to such a fantastic organization. 

I owe a huge thank you, again, to Spencer and the folks at SAFEchild for inviting me to be a part of this incredible event!

Read more about one of the guest speakers, Kelly Huffstetler, and her incredible journey here. She was just featured in the North Raleigh News and is pictured below. 

Here are some more photos I snapped at the event.

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